Terms and Condition
Terms & Conditions

When we receive order, we eventually assume that the customer is in agreement with all the terms and conditions that have been implicated by PPT.ae. This is why we encourage all of our customers to first thoroughly read all of the terms and conditions and then place order at our website. In case, if you have any objection regarding the applied conditions then we must recommend you to avoid placing order or for the clarification, feel free to make a quick discussion with our customer support team.

Access to the Site

However, there are no specific restrictions to get registered into our website or take access. Though to avoid any kind of inconvenience or get an access on our website we recommend customers to use proper IP address.

Privacy Policy

In terms of privacy, we ensure customers with 100% confidentiality. To keep customer’s identity and other personal information secured, we use highly protected systems. Not only this, before even taking our professionals on board, we make sure to hide customer’s name into a specific code so that no one can access or can use customer’s identity in irrelevant manner.

Codes of conduct

At PPT.ae we encourage customers to avoid using our products for any kind of commercial purposes, until or unless taking consent of our officials. Besides this, to avail services of PPT.ae, advance payment is condition and without taking advance payment, we do not cater customers.

To take flawless assistance from PPT.ae and its experts, we suggest customers to send us complete details of your project. We also offer content writing services along with PowerPoint’ designing. However, for this, customers might have to pay additional amount.

We suggest template designs along with at least two demo slides. However, once we receive the approval from customer then we give only 48 hours of time period and after that, we strictly prohibited changes in the selected template or selected ideas. Thus, we recommend customers to make selections wisely.

After the completion of initial stage that includes; collecting necessary information of project, design selection and other processes we recommend customers to wait for our confirmation patiently. Our client service providers will respond within the 48 hours and customer will be updated about order confirmation.

Proprietary Rights

All rights are reserved to PPT.ae until or unless we give authority to customer, all with our consent. However, besides this, we only give proprietary rights to customers only when the payments or all others dues are clear. Before this, we don’t permit customers to make any claim regarding the copy rights. The product will be delivered to customers via email and once the product is delivered from our officials, the rights will be eventually granted to the customer.

Notice for Making Claims

At PPT.ae we have a team of experts who solely deliver exceptional work to customers. Though, in case, if customers need changes then for this we give around 48 hours of time period. Also, the product will be delivered right on committed time and right after the delivery, notice period for making claim will be started. Here, we suggest customers to check email and delivered product thoroughly, as soon as possible.

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