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How to Incorporate the 7×7 Rule in PowerPoint? Ultimate Guide for Beginners

The effective presentations via PowerPoint can make a person more efficient speaker and are considered to be the most powerful way of conveying the message to the colleagues, clients, and workmates. If one is succeeded to grab the attention of the audience while delivering his presentation, half the battle is already done then!

PowerPoint is the best way to deliver your message and ideas to people. They say ‘bring your idea to the table’, we hear excellent PowerPoint presentations that can leave the other person in an aura of creativity and complete engagement.

Hooking the audience is definitely not easy and in today’s world, when people have their phones with themselves everywhere, this can be very tricky to get them engage with the content written in the slides. For this purpose, the presentation should be very powerful and must be encompassing all the basic rules of the PowerPoint.


Have you also given the PowerPoint presentations? Have you noticed something a bit off, not like the presentation in depth but there is an element that could make it seemed a little off! This could happen due to the lacking of understanding of the basic principles of PowerPoint.

The presentations designed with poor visuals can leave the audience feeling confused, bored, and definitely irritated. Forever the go-to choice of professionals for the presentations, PowerPoint is an all-rounder to present all types of content. Be it the dry one or the animated illustration of your ideas and topics, a PowerPoint presentation brings a win-win situation for the speaker and audience.

Get on the pace of the highly effective and powerful presentation by learning the basic rule of 7×7. This can help you to limit each and every slide to only seven lines of the texts, each containing a maximum of seven words.


The basic rule of the 7×7 rule definition prohibits the use of more than 7 words per line and more than 7 lines per visual. In a nutshell, this is one of the most effective and highly-used method of keeping your presentations easily readable and understandable to the audience.

This is why the writers and the professionals of the writing industry always make sure to write short paragraphs that can hook the reader up.

While using the 7×7 PowerPoint rule, you must make the sub-points of the main points if you want to share more details. But writing everything in one point and making the presentation look wordy would make your audience run away. Your slides must be emphasized over the point while keeping the things on track and illustrating the graphics and photo proficiently.

Your answer to what is 7×7 rule in PowerPoint is explained rightly with the minor details of which you must be taking care of while designing your presentation. The PowerPoint presentation slides that can summarize the essentials of the presentation is a wonderful key to effective communication.

WHY FOLLOW THE 7×7 RULE OF SLIDES IN POWERPOINT? best presentation ideas

There are so many organizations that still run Microsoft first IT software environment and this make the PowerPoint one of the most obvious choice for the genuine and creative presentation design. The simplicity and easy user interface make the PowerPoint popular because one doesn’t have to infuse a lot of time in creating the slides.

The PowerPoint 7×7 rule has made it a lot easier for the users to create hustle-free and classy presentations. The seven lines per slide refers to write only seven lines of the text in your presentation and only these lines must be focusing on the core element and message of your presentation.

Also, this is okay to have fewer than seven lines or bullet points in your presentation slides. The professional slide makers and designers from different online services also believe that it is the best idea to stick to one concept per slide.

Here, your complete focus must be on the keywords and the phrases because people can read quickly as compared to your speaking skills. Make sure not to make your presentation wordy or jargon-based, this would end up your PowerPoint presentation right into the list of most boring presentation because everyone would be only reading what you have written.

7×7 rule would help you to eradicate the unnecessary messages from the presentation and you would be able to bring the best on the table. Be it the 7×7, 6×6, or even 8×8, make sure to keep the presentation slide a lot simple and minimal.

You can choose any of the combinations of lines and words on the slides but the main target remains the same and that is to reduce the wordiness. By reducing the huge content over a single slide, it becomes easier for the audience to comprehend your message easily.

By incorporating the rule of 7×7 into your slides and presentation, this would become easier for you to bring engagement and discipline into your work. Personally, 7×7 is completely acceptable and would not be creating any problems for the presenter as well.

Be it the ppt slide number or the bullet points that you are infusing in your content, one thing is to make sure and that is the alignment of the text. The 7 lines rule is itself a complete guide to help you with the slides as clean and easily readable as much possible.


You must have gone through such a presentation where the designers and creators both have focused just on the content that should be written on the slides. Since the concentration and focus span of the people is just for some seconds so writing a lot of wordy content on the slide can dump your hard work all in vain.

The 7 line rule is the complete guide to help you in keeping the slides as clean and possible. This would also reduce the clutter in the slides and the audience would be able to navigate easily through the presentation.

Make sure that your presentation is easy in the eyes of the viewers and is not having some very harsh colors or background. Some of the PowerPoint Snags are also helpful for you in such meantime.

  • Clean layout and aesthetic visuals
  • Tell a story using bold images
  • Use the movement and statement colors to engage the learners
  • Spice up the things with the cute icons and interacting images
  • Make a static checklist a lot more engaging

Your presentation slide is in short your own visual presentation of the mindset. Making it appear messy can upset and bore your audience to the core and no one would ever enjoy listening or watching your presentations. Before jumping on the bandwagon of using PowerPoint, learn the basic principles of how to align it and keep it minimal.


The rule of PowerPoint presentation 7×7 is highly advantageous to the speakers and the presenters.

With the help of the 7×7 PowerPoint rule, the speaker is able to hold on to the focus of the audience. Rather than looking at the spacing slides, the audience is interested to listen to those points in detail from the presenter.

Following this simple rule can make your presentations highly effective and can leave people with the curiosity to listen to you with complete concentration and focus. All you have to do is, for every slide, use no more than seven lines of the text or the seven bullet points and no more than seven words per line.

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We second the opinion that PowerPoint presentations are not only easy to read and to present but also finest to be understood by the audience. This eliminates the need of having handout to explain any topic and one can understand the concept by grabbing the idea from the slides and the visuals incorporated into the slides.

A bonus tip; the PPT slides with the size of 16:9 is a match made perfectly for all the screens. In this size, the designs also look stunning for the audience’s engagement.

If you are designing any PowerPoint presentation sooner then make sure to first find the complete material and the core message that you want to deliver to your audience. Stick to the concept and the messages and then tie up the belt to introduce the topic in a newer way to your audience.

Be it the teachers or the students, clients, or even the project manager, using the 7×7 technique can help you to keep the focus of the audience in your own hands. Make sure to follow the below-jotted tips to make your presentation more effective.

Avoid Too Much Detail in One slide:

Writing too much and making your presentation wordy with excessive and unnecessary content can result negatively. Your audience can lose the focus from the presentation and your speaking rehearsal would go all in vain. The wordy and highly bombarded presentation of the slide can make it unappealing and irrelevant for the audience within a second.

Include sleek visuals and catchy images:

The most effective way to hook the audience up with your presentation is to add sleek visuals and catchy images. You can add the pictures that are relevant enough to your concept and can explain it with the help of storytelling technique. People can forget the content but would always remember the pictures indirectly presentation would leave a great impact!

Prepare and rehearse again and again:

Before going for the presentation, put your confidence to the test. Prepare and rehearse for the stage and audience again and again. A lot of people are courageous enough while preparing but after getting in front of an audience, they are unable to cope up with the pace. Make sure to practice a lot before presenting the slide.

Dive into 7*7*7 effects for more impact:

The technique of 7*7*7 is highly beneficial for the presenters. Dive into this tip of 7x7x7 that refers to the seven lines of the text and each line of seven words on a single slide. In this word count, the titles of the slide are not included. Putting up more than 7 lines in the slide would make it wordy hence, making it messy.

The Illustration for PowerPoint 7×7 rule:

In PowerPoint, you are having complete charge of what you would like to present in front of your audience. Seven words per line and seven bullets per slide is the real technique to follow to enhance the engagement. The font must be at least 18pt and 24pt can also be used to present larger.


The 7×7 rule in the PowerPoint presentations is bringing ease and advantages for the speakers for sure! This would help the presenter to keep the attention of the audience in his own control and he would be able to present the concept efficiently. Using this technique in your content would make it look less wordy and more appealing for the audience and they would love to listen your thoughts and study about the certain topic.