United Arab Emirates UAE in the Past & the Present

History of UAE: UAE in the Past and Present

In this world of globalization, one thing is pretty clear and that is the rapid growth in technology and development. The states around the globe are in a marathon of developing advanced gadgets and smart devices that could contribute to globalization as well.

Since this is the era of smart and developed businesses, countries around the world are making several attempts to bring people and businesses together close at one platform. Though, this could be pretty daunting and difficult and would definitely take good long decades to bring all the countries right on one track of development.

In the past 10 to 15 years, technology has moved at a drastic yet fast pace and has brought the world right to our fingertips.

But, is that only the technology that has developed within a short span of time?

No, there are some outstanding countries and economically high-climbing states as well that have transformed themselves from the rags to the riches in some years.


From Norway to Switzerland, South Korea, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Ireland, and UAE- the list of the countries who rose from rags to riches is long!

In this article, we would be walking through the history of one of the largest oil reserves countries- yes, you guessed it right!

UAE- the United Arab Emirates, the country in Western Asia located at the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula bordering with Oman and Saudi Arabia- one of the richest, well-established, and economically strong countries in the Middle East and around the whole globe.

United Arab Emirates- UAE consists of seven emirates and was founded as a federation in 1971. These seven emirates are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain Fujairah, and Ras al Khaimah.


Located over the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, UAE is the most populous, well-maintained, luxurious, and tourist hub for the people. This was once a fishing village with only 800 people and now it has emerged as the global business hub in the Middle East.

This is definitely incredible and not all countries are able to develop themselves at such a fast pace in a minimum number of years. UAE has proven itself to be the world’s most successful country at unity, tourism, infrastructure, architecture, culture, and civilization.

From the small and poor village to the hub of Silicon Valley and the world’s largest hub of business, UAE has definitely come a very long way.

The prime business hub is now the center of tourism and is considered the home of the tallest buildings. No one would have ever thought that a global hub of business and economy would be built out of the sand dunes. This fast pace development is sometimes very difficult to comprehend.


In 1883, Dubai was just a small village of almost 800 members of the Bani Yas tribe. They turned the area into a small town of fishing and pearling and were later joined by the Arabian nomads.

In the 1960s, the economy of the UAE was dependent on the revenues that were generated via oil exploration concessions and trade. The presentation design service that is based in UAE presented the infographics which reflected, history of Dubai is the proof that when a major chunk of the revenue was obtained via oil reserves in 1969, UAE started developing rapidly.

A bigger picture of money started to show up and the infrastructure of the country turned over a new leaf. Years kept on passing and UAE kept on developing swiftly and here we are! Over the years, UAE has transformed itself into glam and glitzy hub to which we are known today!

This shows that the reserves of the oil in the UAE have taken the country to the top and since then, there is no coming back. The number of tourists visiting Dubai every year shows that the country is no less than a piece of heaven on earth and people love to visit this amazing place.

This is simply mind-blowing to see how UAE looked half a century ago and how it has developed into one of the stunning and strongest countries around the whole globe.

Now, in this blog, we are going to jump into the Then and Now of UAE so tighten up your seat belts as this is the time to have a look into the past and present of one fantastic country- UAE!

Sheikh Zayed Road:

This is the primary highway that links Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Also, this is the longest road in the emirates! Its construction started in 1971 and took nine years to complete. This is itself one of the amazing sites of how Dubai developed itself.

Dubai Marina:

Dubai Marina can be understood as an artificial canal city located on the 3km stretch of the Persian Gulf shoreline. This is also an iconic site now because of the iconic structure of Jumeriah beach residence and Al Rahim mosque.

Dubai Waterfront:

Another great addition in the history of Dubai was the Dubai waterfront- expected to be the biggest waterfront and man-made establishment in the world. This water point reflects the amazing history of the entire UAE.

Dubai Creek:

This point divides Dubai into two major areas; Deira and Bur Dubai and Dubai Creek are known for serving as the major part of the history of Dubai. This area has also given a rise to the Al-Maktoum dynasty!

Dubai Airport:

Built-in 1959, the Dubai airport was created under the direction of the ruler of that time Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. It had a runway of 1800 meters which was completely built out of the compacted sand dunes. Now it is the busiest airport in the world.

Downtown Dubai:

The history of Dubai is proof that once this city was the hub of the cranes and now it is the home to the tallest buildings of the world. Dubai is also known for its man-made tallest structures in the world that bring a lot of tourists each year.

Deira Clocktower:

The famous clock tower of Dubai is situated right in the middle of the Deira and was built back in 1963. This area was once surrounded by sand dunes and was completely undeveloped but now this is the best transformation you would ever see!

Dubai World Trade Center:

Dubai world trade center building started its construction in 1977 and was the only structure in that area. Now, this 39 story building is known for shaping the history of the entire UAE and Dubai.

Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and Towers:

The Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and Towers was one of the first hotels to be built in Dubai. This is the only reason it still remains as an iconic and most popular place to stay in Dubai. This also showcases the brief history and development of Dubai.

Dubai Jumeirah Mosque:

The stunning mosque of Jumeirah is now completely constructed and is known for its stunning beauty all over the world. The Fatimid-style building opened its gates in 1979 and is now known for being an excellent tourism site.

Dubai Dhow Cruise:

Dubai Dhow Cruise is known for being the largest tourism in the city. This area provides entertainment and activities to the tourists who wish to travel on the cruise. Indeed, a clear picture of how Dubai has developed itself!


With the help of this detailed and long guide, you would surely get an idea of how the UAE used to be in the past and how it has developed itself. Then and Now of UAE is clearly a bright picture of rags to riches which will surely leave you in the aura of Dubai’s magic!