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15 Best Critical Business Presentation Ideas to Improve Your Audience Engagement

Did you know that around 79% of the people feel bored during the presentation and consider them to be the waste of time?

Well, this is definitely not a surprise and in the world of competitive businesses, this is the most common challenge for anyone who is giving a presentation. This is the significant need of the hour that businesses must understand the average attention span of the person which is just 12 seconds!

Presentations play a vital plank in marketing and for the development of the business. Neglecting the presentation and its elements can end up landing the business in a horrible fail for a longer-term.

Hence, this is proven that the presentations are serving as the backbone in the conferences, webinars, and hosting. Doing them efficiently is halfway to winning the battle.


I know, if you have given the presentations ever before then you must have felt the audience going restless in the middle of the presentation. Sounds relatable?

Be it the meeting with a client or about making a new business pitch, presentation creates a true difference. This can be either for better or for the worse even, the choice is yours!

A lot of the people sit in utter boredom; scrolling through Facebook, checking out the emails, refreshing different apps, or having a gossip session with fellow colleagues. Is this the same impact that you would like to have while giving your next presentation? Well, obviously a big no!

I understand we cannot give such inspiring presentations as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates but at least, we can do much better!

In a nutshell, the presentation and its delivery are directly connected to the communication skills of an individual and hands down! The communication skills of a person or a leader of the business can bring him great success and can create his impressive personality among the business circle.

Giving compelling and outstanding presentations reflect that you are good at communicating and you can speak clearly about your ideas and the messages across a bunch of people. In short, less stressful and happier relationships in the business community.


Improving the presentation skills need a lot of attention and you may have to give in a lot of effort. While creating a presentation, the presentation design needs to be very sleek and engaging, and also the content written in them must be very meaty and hooking.

Engagement of the audience is the real struggle and getting them indulged with themselves in the presentation cannot be achieved easily.

You need to use as many creative and innovative ideas that could gear the audience up with your enthusiasm and pace. This is definitely not easy and an individual needs to work a lot hard for this purpose. The attention span of the people is way so less and that is only 12 seconds.

If you are able to hit the audience rightly in few seconds, then you would win the battle without any further hustle because your audience would like to listen more and more from you.

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I have broken down the 15 best critical business presentation ideas that would help you to improve your audience engagement. Make sure to give these tips a thorough read before creating a new presentation for your business and work colleagues. Let’s have a look at these audience engagement tips.

best presentation ideas

Apply storytelling technique:

People have always been fond of listening to stories. If you are going to incorporate the storytelling technique into the business presentation, then you would be able to grab the attention of the audience. Once the audience is hooked up with your speaking, they will keep on listening without getting bored. Storytelling has always been loved by everyone so consider this well.

Consider the setting upfront:

This is the most critical factor before developing a presentation and you must take this into the account before setting the presentation. Make sure to get the idea that how many people do you have in the room and how would it go with the tone? Also, ensure to go with the appropriate approach for the setting of the content with the presentation.

Create some great and engaging content:

Make amazing and great content to hook the audience in your presentation. You need to write some well-off and structured content in order to get all the ears of the audience. Make sure that you aren’t overdoing the content and not adding huge stuff into the slides. This will make your work look messy and no one would like to give it a second look.

Create the outline:

First things first, create the outline for your presentation and content. Get the template design and craft an outline for your material. If you want to make your audience get hooked on the presentation, then you must get to know them first. Your presentation makes your audience either like or dislike your talent for communicating.

Have one point sharing for a single slide:

Sharing 3 to 4 points just in a single slide is never ever recommended. You should concentrate on putting the light on a single point or idea in every single slide. There is no need to bombard your ideas just in a single go. Take time and prepare the slides of the presentation well for the session.

Don’t use bullet points:

Using the bullet points can make your work and slide look fuller and messy as well. Keeping your work clean in the presentation matters a lot. The audience is not at all interested in seeing your highly filled slides. People love to see clean and neat work. Do not add the bullet points, just keep it minimal and simple.

Less is more when text is large:

In the presentation of the businesses, one most important factor is less and is more when the text is large. You must keep the text a little bolder and a little wider that would be easy to read and understandable for the audience. Keep the presentation in a font that is easily readable in the room or even in the bigger meeting session.

Captivating visuals are the must:

Adding captivating and sleek visuals in the business presentation is a must. This keeps the audience hooked to your presentation and people like the images that you add in the presentation. This also makes your message pretty clear and the audience gains the idea of what the presentation is all about.

Utilize the data wisely:

Infusing all the data in your presentation is not necessary. You must utilize the data wisely in your presentation. This could be in the form of infographics or even in the form of images. This would make your presentation appear far more appealing and engaging to the audience at once.

Don’t read:

There is no need to read the material that is already written in the slides. This will make you look less confident and also your motivation will be lowered. You must express your work with the help of your emotions and expressions. These are the real game-changers of the business presentation and can help you land a lot of profits.

Engage with the audience:

Engagement with the audience is a must in a business presentation or else you would fail it badly. Make sure to ask few questions to the audience and let them answer you in a chorus or one by one. This will boost the engagement of the audience in the presentation.

engage audience while giving presentation

Get into a conversation:

Applying the technique of conversation in your presentation delivery is always an all-rounder. You can become somebody who is having a gossip session with fellow people. This will also keep the people alert and they will concentrate on what you are saying.

Infuse little humor:

Incorporating a bit of humor only in the places where it is required is going to help you win the hearts of people with amazing delivery. You need to give in a little effort to polish your humor and must infuse it rightly so nobody could get hurt with it even.

Get the technology right:

Using the technology rightly in your presentation matters a lot. If you are someone who knows the right use of technology then you would be able to understand the basics of people’s attention. Fix everything and prepare well before getting into the presentation delivery.

Keep it clean and simple:

Presentations in the sector of business must be clean, simple, and minimal. Adding bulk of information written in tiny fonts and making the presentation look messy is never recommended. Try to be creative yet innovative in a smarter way!


This article is encompassing the perfect 15 tips that are helpful enough to enhance the engagement of the audience in your presentation. Implementing them smartly in your business presentation would help you drive more sales and your business reach would also increase. These are the ultimate ideas for high-impact business presentations and would establish an adequate benchmark for your presentation performance.

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